Pirmdienas teikums #106


Pirmdienas teikums ir mana versija par Bonespark~ “Sunday Sentence”, kurā tiek izcelts teikums no tā, kas iepriekš izlasīts.

Regina was still speaking but her voice was miles away and he knew it would be better if our reality was not reality at all but just a harmless battle; a board game and we, just the pieces, our movements initiated under the tutelage of a higher intelligence in a range of complex and sometimes unexplained strategy.

Jean Nicole Rivers – Black Water Tales: The Secret Keepers (Black Water Tales #1)

Viena doma par “Pirmdienas teikums #106

  1. FLYLēF | Lonna (guest reviewer) saka:

    Interesting quote. Sounds like he can’t deny his reality any further. We can all hope for the best but prepare for the worst.


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