Pirmdienas teikums #108


Pirmdienas teikums ir mana versija par Bonespark~ “Sunday Sentence”, kurā tiek izcelts teikums no tā, kas iepriekš izlasīts.

As I pull through the massive wrought-iron gate of the cemetery and turn south, toward town, Jack says, “If you thought you were going to die in half an hour, would you be at peace with it?

Greg Iles – The Death Factory (Penn Cage #3.5)

Greg Iles – The Death Factory (Penn Cage #3.5)


Grāmatas apraksts no Goodreads/Synopsis from Goodreads:

A long short story featuring Penn and Tom Cage that fills in a critical period in their past, one that helps to set up the action in the coming trilogy, Natchez Burning, The Bone Tree and Unwritten Laws

Izdevniecība/Publisher: William Morrow

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Vērtējums/Rating: 4.75/5


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