Gene Luen Yang – American Born Chinese


Grāmatas apraksts no Goodreads/Synopsis from Goodreads:

All Jin Wang wants is to fit in. When his family moves to a new neighborhood, he suddenly finds that he’s the only Chinese American student at his school. Jocks and bullies pick on him constantly, and he has hardly any friends. Then, to make matters worse, he falls in love with an all-American girl…

Born to rule over all the monkeys in the world, the story of the Monkey King is one of the oldest and greatest Chinese fables. Adored by his subjects, master of the arts of kung-fu, he is the most powerful monkey on earth. But the Monkey King doesn’t want to be a monkey. He wants to be hailed as a god…

Chin-Kee is the ultimate negative Chinese stereotype, and he’s ruining his cousin Danny’s life. Danny’s a popular kid at school, but every year Chin-Kee comes to visit, and every year Danny has to transfer to a new school to escape the shame. This year, though, things quickly go from bad to worse…

These three apparently unrelated tales come together with an unexpected twist, in a modern fable that is hilarious, poignant and action-packed. American Born Chinese is an amazing rise, all the way up to the astonishing climax–and confirms what a growing number of readers already know: Gene Yang is a major talent.

Izdevniecība/Publisher: First Second

Kā tiku pie šīs grāmatas?/How I got this book?

Lejuplādēju no www.

Vērtējums/Rating: 3.75/5

Mana recenzija (pārdomas)/My (thoughts) review

Stāsts par ķīniešu imigrantu dēla iedzīvošanos atšķirīgajā ASV. Grafiskā novele sākotnēji sadalīta trīs daļās, trijās stāsta līnijās – Denija, Pērtiķu karaļa un dēla Jing Wang.

Pērtiķu karalis atšķiras no ierastajiem dieviem, pusdieviem vai vienkārši varoņiem un uzvedas kā jau sev ierasts. Viņš pēc būtības ir kārtīgs gaisa jaucējs un haosa radītājs, bet galu galā rīkosies atbilstoši un pareizi.

Deniju (ja var ticēt tam, kas viņš ir) katru gadu apciemo attāls brālēns no Ķīnas, par kuru gan viņam nav ne mazākās nojausmas, kādā veidā abi ir radinieki. Brālēns spēj bieži vien būt komisks, bet tas drīzāk tāpēc, ka viņā šķiet apvienoti visi iespējamie stereotipi.

Un visbeidzot Jing Wang. Iejušanās jaunā skolā un jaunā vidē, pirmo draugu iegūšana un pirmo attiecību veidošanās.

Kā jau pienākas labam darbam, tad visas šīs trīs stāsta līnijas atrod maģisku veidu, lai savītos kopā un tādejādi atklātu burvīgu sižetu!

Paldies BOTNS, bez kuru ieteikuma nebūtu izlasījis šo grāmatu. : )


A story about a son of Chinese immigrants and how he gets accustomed to a culture different than at home. The graphic novel at the beginning is dived in to three story lines – Danny’s, Monkey King’s and the son’s Jing Wang story line.

The Monkey King isn’t like any other god, demigod or a simple hero and behaves like he usually does. His character makes him a big chaos maker and to act mischievously but at the end he will do the right thing to help the good guys.

Danny (if we can believe who he is) each year is visited by his cousin from China; although he doesn’t even know how they possibly are related. The cousin often is comical, probably because it seems that every possible stereotype is combined in his persona.

And finally Jing Wang. It’s about him getting used to a new school and new environment, making new friends and having the first relationship.

As in a good book it should be then at the end all three story lines magically come together to intertwine and tell a fantastic plot.

Thank you BOTNS, without them recommending this book I wouldn’t have read it!


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