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Karen Lee Stevens


About the Author:

Karen Lee Stevens is the founder and president of All for Animals, a nonprofit organization dedicated to creating a compassionate world for animals and children through humane education and literacy programs that nurture the human-animal bond.

Karen is also an author and a Certified Humane Educator who, for the past 14 years, has given presentations to thousands of elementary school children and has helped them learn how to treat animals with love and respect.

In February, 2013, Karen launched ARF! (Animals + Reading = Fun!), a unique literacy program that gives children from all walks of life an opportunity to improve their reading skills and inspire them to become life-long readers by reading aloud to specially trained therapy dogs.

Her latest children’s picture book is Animals Have Feelings, Too!: Exploring Emotions From A to Z.

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Animals Have Feelings Too

About the Book:

Title: Animals Have Feelings, Too!: Exploring Emotions From A to Z
Author: Karen Lee Stevens
Publisher: All for Animals
Pages: 32
Genre: Children’s Picture Book

Filled with humor and whimsical illustrations, this enchanting and educational A to Z guide takes young readers on a journey through the alphabet with a lovable Labrador retriever named Sandy, who shows kids that animals and people share many of the same feelings. From A is for Affectionate to Z is for Zonked, Animals Have Feelings, Too! helps children to understand and express their feelings and to treat animals with kindness and respect.

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  • Animals Have Feelings, Too!: Exploring Emotions From A to Z is available at Amazon.
  • Discuss this book at PUYB Virtual Book Club at Goodreads.

Book Excerpt:

Hi Kids,

My name is Sandy and I’m a yellow Labrador retriever. Most of the time, I’m a happy-go-lucky pup, but once in awhile, I feel lonely or grumpy, too. Just like you, I experience lots of different emotions (that’s a BIG word for feelings).

When I’m happy, I wag my tail and let out a soft ruff-ruff-ruff as if to say Let’s play! When I’m annoyed or frightened, I may grumble and growl, meaning Back off, buddy! Stay away!

My feline friend, Willow, likes to remind me that I’m not perfect, but I love her anyhow. And that’s why I’ve asked her to help me introduce you to my very favorite feeling words. I hope you’ll share them with your human family and, of course, your furry and feathered friends!




Thank you for hosting!

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Guest Post

I Have the Best Job in the World – I Draw Pictures All Day!

By Teri Rider

Byline:  Teri Rider is a Book Designer, Illustrator and Publisher. Learn more about Teri’s work at

As a children’s picture book illustrator, I often get images in my mind as soon as the author tells me the story the first time. If it captures my imagination and hooks me, my job is to then find a way to capture the imaginations of others and cause them to fall in love with the characters, too.

When Karen and I first met, we sat down for a long lunch and walked through the whole story. Because Karen was so passionate and had already done so much work on her story, by the end of that first meeting, we had almost all of the ideas for each drawing. On my four-hour train ride home from our meeting, I was so excited that I sketched the entire cover illustration. We ended up keeping many of those original ideas.

I love illustrating animals—especially dogs. Coming up with an illustration for the star of the story, Sandy—originally named Mr. Fluffy Pants—was probably the most challenging part. I did several sketches, mostly to determine just how fluffy he would be! Turns out, he wasn’t really all that fluffy and “he” became “she” and her name became Sandy, named after the “real” lovable Labrador retriever who is Karen’s sidekick in her read-to-a-dog and humane education programs. The name was perfect and right in front of us the whole time!

One other important step in the process of illustrating a children’s book is to do thumbnail sketches of the entire book. This way, we can see how the story flows from page to page and how the drawings look side by side when the book is open. These very simple sketches are then turned into full size line drawings.

For this book, I decided to do a combination of hand-drawn artwork, which I then scanned into Adobe Photoshop and colorized digitally.

Karen and I both really love Animals Have Feelings, Too! and we hope to create another book together next year. Be sure to follow our blog for updates on our next project!


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