Steve Berry ”The Admiral’s Mark” (Cotton Malone book 0.5)


Grāmatas apraksts no Goodreads/Synopsis from Goodreads:

Eight years ago Cotton Malone was an agent for the Justice Department, handling the toughest and most sensitive international investigations. But sometimes things became intensely personal. In his latest eBook original short story, New York Times bestselling author Steve Berry lays out just such a tale—one with shocking historical implications.

Cotton Malone never cared for the shady dealings of his brother-in-law, Scott Brown. But when Scott dies while scuba diving, Cotton’s wife and her grieving sister demand more than just a secondhand police report. So Malone heads to Haiti. There, beneath crystal clear waters, he learns that Scott found the sunken wreckage of the Santa Maria, the fabled flagship of Christopher Columbus, and he paid for the discovery with his life. Setting out to piece together what happened, Malone quickly realizes that he’s not the only man there with questions. An Israeli intelligence agent is in top secret pursuit of what Scott died trying to protect. And a sinister Austrian with a hidden agenda has no qualms about killing for the mysterious prize. On the hunt for something that has been lost for 500 years, Malone is suddenly enmeshed in a deadly cat and mouse game being played across the north shore of Haiti and beneath the Caribbean Sea—and he’ll have to fight just to get out of there alive.

Features an exciting preview of Steve Berry’s much-anticipated new thriller, The Columbus Affair

Izdevniecība/Publisher: Ballantine Books

Kā tiku pie šīs grāmatas?/How I got this book?

Kā bonuss ‘’The Columbus Affair’’ beigās

Vērtējums/Rating: 2.75/5

Mana recenzija/My review

Malona sievas brālis Skots miris noslēpumainos apstākļos nirstot netālu no Haiti, tieši tāpēc viņa sieva mudina noskaidrot kaut ko vairāk, nekaitē, ka Malons ir aģents.

Malons tiek ieintriģēts, jo darbībā parādās gan Izraēlas slepenais dienests, gan arī Saimons, kas vien liecina, cik dziļi nepazīstamā teritorijā bija iekūlies Skots. Toms pieminēts vien dažos teikumos tā starp citu.

Notikumi risinās astoņus gadus pirms ‘’The Columbus Affair’’, nebūt neprasās būt lasījušam šo stāstu, vien kā interesants papildinājums.


Brother-in-law of Cotton Malone dies mysteriously while diving near Haiti, that’s why his wife urges him to investigate and find something more. It doesn’t harm that Malone is an agent.

Cotton Malone gets intrigued after knowing the involvement of Israel and also Zachariah Simon which makes clear how deep his brother-in-law Scott was. Tom is mentioned only briefly.

This story tells about events eight years ago before ‘’The Columbus Affair’’ but there is no need to read this before, just an interesting addition.

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