Bolaji O ”Monster Diaries 1: The Negative Monsters!: Negative Nelly & Negative Ned” (The Monster Diaries – Monster Books for Kids)


Grāmatas apraksts no Goodreads:

The Negative Monsters! is the first book in the Monster Diaries book series.

This monster book for kids features Negative Nelly & Negative Ned.

When two shy kids are forced into a new school,
they have to keep the negative voices in their heads at bay,
or risk becoming introverted outcasts forever!

Harry and Sally want to have a good first week at school.
But Negative Nelly and Negative Ned imaginary characters in both their minds,
decide to make this their worst week ever.

In every class, Harry and Sally face social situations that make them nervous.
Each time, they listen to Negative Nelly and Negative Ned. Which only turns out badly.

Things go from bad to worse, because every time Harry and Sally listen to the Negatives, the Negatives get bigger. They’re soon bigger then the school itself!

This picture book for children is a universal story of bravery and courage that kids of all ages will identify with!

If your kids like movies like “The Lion King”, “Brave”, and “Finding Nemo”,
they’ll LOVE Harry and Sally in “Negative Nelly & Negative Ned”!

And if kids books for kindle ages 4 8 (kids read along books) are a must for you – this series will leave you delighted.

Here’s what people are saying about Brave Little Heroes adventures:

Colorado Living says:
“Bolaji has found a great way to help, inspire and teach…
Thanks for tackling this subject for the benefit of kids! :)”

Shannon Bynes says:
“I read this book to my 4 year old daughter tonight and
she smiled or giggled all the way through it. That’s a winner!”

I Am A Very Lucky Man says:
“I really loved this book; your child will ask you to read it again and again.
The graphics are eye popping. It’s easy to read,
and great for your child’s self-esteem.
I love the imaginative aspect of the book!”

Mike Young says:
“This is a humorous, short children’s book that is great for bedtime!
I am especially fond of the great artwork and the message behind the story.
Definitely a keeper for me.”

Chedy Abboud (Amsterdam) says:
“Bolaji has done a good job presenting children the better side of what we humans are.
A story without the usual violence is what kids need to hear today.
Keeping them away from horrible things on TV.
I recommend this to all parents as a nice book for their children.”

If your kids have ever struggled with shyness, confidence, or feeling
awkward in social situations, Negative Nelly and Negative Ned
will become part of how they size hold of a “can do” attitude!

So here’s what to do next, parents.
1. Scroll up,
2. Click the buy button, and
3. Watch your child giggle and cheer their way through this introspective adventure!

Paul Coleman said:
“In the world today I think we need all the positive stuff we can get.
I love the “can-do” attitude of this book.
We can make our lives and the lives of others better.
We simply need to decide to do it, be brave, and take action.”

Kāpēc lasīju/izvēlējos šo grāmatu?

Lejuplādēju bez maksas iekš Amazon. Iespējams arī šobrīd.

Mana recenzija

Negatīvais Neds un Negatīvā Nellija[Negative Ned & Negative Nelly] -> paliek spēcīgāki un izmēros lielāki, ja liek bērnam justies slikti. Pirmajā skolas dienā izraugās divus upurus – Hariju(Harry) un Salliju(Sally). Nedēļas garumā abi Negatīvie kārtīgi piestrādā, lai Harijs un Sallija jūstos negatīvi, un izaug līdz milzīgiem apmēriem. Mājās Harijs un Sallija no vecākiem saņem padomus, kā ar radušos situāciju, kuras drusku vienkāršotas, tikt galā. Gan Negatīvais Neds, gan Negatīvā Nellija samazinās līdz īkstīšu izmēriem un nespēj vairāk ietekmēt nedz Hariju, nedz arī Salliju.

Mērķauditorija noteikti ir aptuveni pirmskolas un pirmo klasīšu vecuma bērni.

Vērtējums: 2.5/5


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