Kashif Ross ”Barcode: Legend of Apollo (Barcode book 1)


Three Strikes and You’re Dead

Grāmatas apraksts no Goodreads:

Spencer Colt must return to his last year of Colt Academy—the academic institute for gladiators. The school and arena are run by his father, a wealthy businessman too occupied to remember his son’s 19th birthday. Spencer couldn’t care less. He’s a sarcastic jerk that wants to finish his final year without another person mentioning his destiny, to reunite America.

On his first day back, his family’s helicopter plunges nose first into the battlefield. As bloodied and limp bodies are dragged across the stadium, a mysterious boy named Kode emerges.

Spencer hardly has time to show concern for his recovering family members when he and his beautiful nemesis, Michelle Miyamoto, are attacked by a naked and manic Kode. Michelle promises to train with Spencer after they discover the lunatic’s intentions, but she has trouble of her own. She must keep the practice a secret for her friendship to survive.

In this world, humans are born with tattoos known as barcodes. The data contains mythological powers that make arena fights very entertaining. Yet, Spencer’s codes are different. They seem to draw him into a comforting darkness. It’s in this hell that he learns the truth about his corrupt family and how he murdered his mother.

Kāpēc lasīju/izvēlējos šo grāmatu?

Lejuplādēju bez maksas iekš Amazon. Iespējams arī šobrīd.

Mana recenzija

Jau ar pirmajām nodaļām nevis notikumu secība, bet konkrētāk laika līnija un datumi pavisam neskaidra. Kā arī nesakarīgs mīlas trijstūris starp galveno tēlu Spenseru Koltu(Spencer Colt) Mišelu(Michella) un Hannu(Hannah). Papildus tam beigās divi no šiem mirst, un stāstījums pāriet pie cita tēla un to nevar just + neizteiksmīgi ļaunie tēli. Bet, kas no visa patika, bija īpašo spēju izskaidrojums un to saistība ar mitoloģiju.

Vērtējums: 2/5



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