Benjamin Sperduto, A.A. Garrison, David Thomas, B.E. Scully, Nicky Peacock, Carole Gill, Ed Medina, Joshua Skye, Bram Stoker, John Karr(u.c.) ”Enter at Your Own Risk: Old Masters, New Voices”


Grāmatas apraksts no Goodreads:

If Gothic masters like Lovecraft, Poe, and Stoker could whisper new tales from beyond the grave, what stories would they create in response to increasingly urgent issues such as the threat of environmental collapse, the ongoing struggles for equal rights, and the innumerable challenges, thrills, and dangers of life in the 21st century? In this new anthology, classic Gothic tales are juxtaposed with modern short stories in a fascinating exploration of how much things change in the world of horror and chills—and how much they stay the same. The stories provide an engaging time travel through the twisted tunnels of the human psyche and the equally disturbing behavior that accompanies it—guilt, lust, revenge, regret, the eternal (and often deadly) power of love, the inseparable allure/repellence of evil… and the sceptered shadow of Death which lurks over all. Special treats from the classic authors include a rare, early story from Poe, and Bram Stoker’s “lost” chapter from Dracula. With 26 tales from three centuries’ worth of delightfully deranged minds, this collection reveals the astonishing scope of the Gothic writer’s incomparable genius for revealing our deepest emotions and penetrating our darkest dreams.

Kāpēc lasīju/izvēlējos šo grāmatu?

Lejuplādēju bez maksas iekš Amazon. Tagad par $6,04

Kas grāmatā patika:

  • Pāris stāsti tiešām atbilda gotiskajam un šausmu žanram, piešķirot arī attiecīgas sajūtas.
  • Sastopami – vampīri, vilkači, troļļi, spoki un citi mošķi.

Kas grāmatā nepatika:

  • Atsevišķos stāstos nevarēja īsti uztvert domu. Iespējams, jo stāsts pār pārāk attālu/atšķirīgu laika posmu.

Citi aspekti:

  • Dažos stāstos vecākā angļu valoda bija grūtāk saprotama

Stāsti, kuri patika visvairāk: B.E. Scully ‘’The Ground Always Wins’’ un Robbie Anderson ‘’Immovable Fear’’ un Benjamin Sperduto ‘’ Johnny’s Monster’’

Stāsti, kuri patika vismazāk: William Harrison Ainsworth ‘’The Specter Bride’’ un Edgar Allan Poe ‘’The Ligeia’’

Vērtējums: 3/5


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